About me

I am a photographer currently based in Laos. I love nature and am fascinated by life and its intricate and complex workings. While my main interests lie in macro and nature photography, I do try my hand at other genres of photography from time to time.

I am thankful to the Creator for the opportunity to live in and visit several countries in Southeast Asia, and the wonderful experiences I’ve had in each country, not to mention the numerous photo-opportunities that I’ve taken on with delight. A selection of my photographs can be found at www.500px.com/alokesahu.

Part of what I hope to achieve through this blog is to document the facts I learn about the species I photograph (and am able to identify). This means a good amount of reading, most of which is done online. I try to mention all my sources of information at the bottom of each post, but if there is something I have overlooked, do let me know in a comment.

7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Beautiful work, Aloke. For me. The text is just the right amount to add some information to the photos without overburdening them or going into too much detail. It’s also nice to know the context in which the photos were taken and the occasional personal detail. Thanks!


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